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Arrow S03E15 – Nanda Parbat

Arrow S03E15 – Nanda Parbat

As I write this, the episode has been out for a few days now but, thanks to life and a PVR, I am just getting around to watching it. I have not done a review of a TV show before so we’ll see how this goes… as there are definitely more moving parts in the show. This episode actually had a lot going on with a few different subplots, and I know that I missed a few, but here are some that I am definitely looking into. And now, a look at some of the themes from Arrow S03E15 – “Nanda Parbat”.

NOTE: The rest of this post is spoiler material. If you have not watched yet but want to without knowing what happens, do not read on.

Nanda Parbat

Thea and Laurel – Nanda Parbat

Laurel Learns About Sara’s Death. Yes, I realize she already knew about Sara’s death, but now she discovers who was responsible. And it comes directly from Thea, the physical killer who was manipulated by Malcolm Merlyn.(If you didn’t know this already, you obviously have not watched the last few episodes.) Laurel takes it surprisingly well, knowing that Thea was not in her own right frame of mind, but takes incredible offense that Oliver and team knew and did not tell her.

Thea Comes Into Her Own. She is the one who this episode really revolves around. We have seen her as the druggie in season 1, the spoiled girl in season 2, and now that she knows everything that is going on she is really becoming a character to care about. Hell, if she can forgive Oliver for running around in a green hood after lying to her for so long, and understand why he lied, Thea can definitely be said to have grown up. What she does, though, is quite surprising – she turns Malcolm over to Ra’s al Ghul, as well as admits to Nyssa that she is the one who physically killed Sara. (Did I mention Nyssa is a prisoner in the “Arrow Cave”? Well, she is… Behind metal bars. How long do you think THAT will last??)

Amanda Waller Doesn’t Let Oliver Walk Away. We saw Oliver being freed from the U.S. Military after being debriefed, by Marc Singer no less (damn, I miss V…). But it turns out that Waller won’t take no for an answer (as anyone familiar with the Suicide Squad comics is fully aware. She’s not done with Oliver et al, and as they are about to leave the group is attacked. It seems that if you don’t work for Waller, you won’t work for anyone, not with what you know…

Felicity and Ray. We knew it was coming, it was a matter of when. But finally, Felicity hooks up with Superm… I mean, Ray Palmer. (Seems she has forgotten about Barry Allen pretty quick…) The sup-plot of this series appears to be “Felicity likes you. You should be a super hero!” Wait, but she was hooking up with Ray, right? Yup. And after a fun-filled romp, Ray wakes up, knowing what he needs to do. He heads back to his lab and finishes the adjustments on his A.T.O.M. suit. And the next thing you know… Bam. No, wait… that’s not the Atom… that’s more… Iron Man?

Ra’s Vs. Oliver. We know how this ended a few episodes back at the mid-season finale. Ra’s had killed Oliver, or so he thought. Now, Malcolm is Ra’s’ prisoner, and to spare Thea the feeling that she is responsible for killer her father he undertakes an assault on Nanda Parbat to rescue Merlyn from their “tender” care. It goes about as well as you can expect, and ends with Oliver facing Ra’s – but not how you would expect…

This show just keeps surprising me. Although not the most action-filled episode this season, it still had its fair share and the story is progressing nicely. It really doesn’t seem like this is already episode 15. It’s going to end far too soon. But there is still a few episodes left. What the producers have in store for a cliffhanger for this season… I’m looking forward to finding out, but sad that it will happen all too soon.

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